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As a Pilates teacher, you have a chance to build confidence within yourself and competence in your skills, so you can positively impact pre and postnatal women, their families, and the communities they live in.

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Perinatal Pilates Specialist - Comprehensive Training

Perinatal Pilates Specialist Training

Approved for 16 NPCP CECs

Develop your Pre & Postnatal Pilates expertise inside The Pregnanycy Pilates IMPACT Academy -  your go-to, ALL-inclusive certification for developing the skills necessary to competently and confidently work with pregnant and postpartum clients, AND make an IMPACTFUL contribution with your teaching through business and marketing skills.

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Quick-Start Courses 

The 34 Mat Perinatal Variations Masterclass

Your Quick-Start Option for Teaching Pre and Postnatal Clients. 

Learn how to adapt contraindicated exercises to pre & postnatal client needs. Includes Posters !  

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Pilates Protocol For Diastasis Recti Workshop

Learn how to adapt the Pilates exercises you already know to help clients understand and heal from diastasis recti. 


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Training for RESILIENT Perinatal Pelvic Floor Fascia

Become THE pelvic floor expert in your studio! Gain the skills to confidently educate and teach exercises specific to the perinatal pelvic floor. 

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Make Your IMPACT

The Pregnancy Pilates Impact Academy prepares you to confidently and competently teach pre and postnatal women. 

Upon completion of the online course and experience, you will be a Pre and Postnatal Pilates Impact Professional.

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100% Online 

Continuing Education Courses


The Pregnancy Pilates Impact online courses use an internship-style model, encouraging you to apply what you learn after the very first lesson.

We do this so that you can begin teaching right away, rather than waiting for your certification, reigniting your enthusiasm for teaching, and helping the women who need you now.  


Through our supportive community and online environment, you grow in calm confidence and assurance that your pre and postnatal clients are fully supported through your safe, effective, empowering sessions 

–– making a significant difference in your Pilates career, your life, and the lives of the women around you.












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Waxwing Pilates - Helena, MT

I have a completely refreshed perspective on my business potential. I have a new postnatal client in Helena, and I'm exploring ways to reach clients remotely  (video, email, and Zoom meetings). My husband told me how proud of me he was this morning. I'm proud of me too. Alison’s support, and The Core Connectors group have given me the push I needed.

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