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We help women courageously live better lives as mothers, wives, and members of their community.

Alison Marsh

Hi! My name is Alison Marsh and I am the founder of Pregnancy Pilates Impact, where we help Pilates teachers develop confidence and competence in your teaching, so you can make an impactful contribution through this world. 

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When you can allow positivity and encouragement consistently into your life, leave behind shame and blame, and practice learning and teaching from a compassionate perspective, life-changing transformation becomes possible.

IMPACT Academy


Pilates is
 a powerful, timeless method rooted in lifestyle, physical culture, universal happiness, and becoming the best version of yourself––a self that is unique in experience and value––ready to share your extraordinary gifts with the world.


It is this belief that’s at the heart of our brand, its curriculum, its teachers, and the pre and postnatal women who are impacted by this high-spirited change.


We help women courageously live better lives as mothers, wives, and members of their community.


Learning about the needs of Pilates teachers, my vision for pre and postnatal Pilates education grew MUCH deeper than just teaching the common problems, anatomy of pregnancy, and exercises.

Having the experience of social work, and a deep desire to uplift and support the human spirit, I quickly began to apply my skills of encouragement to the world of Pilates, which can sometimes be intimidating to the layman, AND to Pilates teachers! 

Teachers actually need more confidence in teaching, in addition to support, and continuous application of how to teach pregnant and postnatal women.

That is why we encourage teachers who are going through our trainings to begin teaching DURING their training, rather than having to wait until they have completed the entire training. 


I have also learned that teachers also struggle with helping women to understand the importance of slowing down during pregnancy, and giving themselves time to heal postpartum, in addition to developing a positive relationship with their body.

So we have worked diligently to create curriculum that provides up to date, evidence-based ways to promote healing by understanding the body through a fascial, tensegrity-based perspective, and fascial training techniques that support healing and resilience. 

We then take that fascial perspective of the body and educate our pre and postnatal clients on the miraculous changes that take place during pregnancy, and the amazing healing capability of their body in the postpartum period. 

It's all about changing the client's experience and perspective from negative to positive during and after pregnancy. 

Our History

In 2008, my husband and I began our family-building journey - attempting to get pregnant. 

I dove into learning all I could about exercise and pregnancy, and applying what I learned to the Pilates method. 

In 2012, my certifying mentor, Dolly Kelepecz, asked me to create a continuing education program for her comprehensive teacher training, DK Body Balancing Method.

After teaching the DK Body Pregnancy Pilates program for several years, and adopting 2 children, I was still not pregnant. 

I did not want to continue to teach other teachers without having the experience of pregnancy myself.

Well, after 8 years of infertility, and a prayer asking to understand my purpose, I became pregnant. That was the confirmation I needed to commit to training other teachers in how to teach this special population. (That's me and my son in the pic - born in 2015) 

Pregnancy Pilates Impact was created, to begin fulfilling the need to not only help Pilates teachers become more confident in their teaching of this population, but to give teachers the ability to offer encouraging, uplifting sessions for pre and postnatal moms; sessions that would leave their clients feeling hopeful and proud of their bodies and lives, rather shame for the result of growing a human. 


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Conscious Core Pilates - Livermore, CA


“Alison, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you are doing to support us instructors in this journey. 

It’s been such an amazing resource and honestly has provided me with the confidence that pushed me to actually say out loud that i want to specialize with this amazing population. I have known since I started I wanted to do this but almost strayed from that because of fear and lack of knowledge. So thanks for all of it! 😃”