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Make a Positive IMPACT in the lives of pre and postnatal women | through teaching the MAGIC of 

Pilates from a Bio-Psycho-Social WHOLE Woman Perspective.  


Confidence & Competence in your skills,

and make a meaningful Contribution with your unique teaching style. 

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Here are messages from Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy students & graduates out of THEIR desire to share! 

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Hello Beautiful Teacher!

I'm so glad you are here! 

My name is Alison Marsh, Founder of Pregnancy Pilates Impact. 

Pregnancy Pilates Impact was created to help you, the Pilates teacher,

build confidence within yourself


competence in your skills,

so that you can make a positively impactful contribution to pre and postnatal women,

their families,

and the communities they live in.

I strive to provide resources and programs that help you feel self-assured and proficient, through encouraging lessons, teaching prompts, and simple explanations of concepts that tend to be complex, 

all in Pilates teacher friendly language (rather than using medical terms.)

I invite you to explore the site, and educate yourself through our blogposts and free teaching resources.

Thank you for your dedication to learning more about how to support pre and postnatal women! 

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Perinatal women need compassionate, trustworthy Pilates teachers guiding them through the most impactful experience of their life. 

You probably became a Pilates teacher because you love to help people, and are passionate about sharing Joseph Pilates' powerful, timeless method rooted in lifestyle, physical culture, and universal happiness,

In your journey through teaching and life, you have developed a unique set of skills that only you can uniquely deliver.

Pregnancy Pilates Impact is inspired by Joseph Pilates' vision - that everyone does Pilates, developing a zest for life that only Pilates can build.

And we want you to have the ability to share this life-changing method with your perinatal (pregnancy and postpartum) community, teaching with confidence and competence,

to inspire women to become better mothers, partners, and members of their community. 

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Women are losing hope - and YOU are in the PERFECT position to help!

Let's Go!

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How to Keep Your Pre and Postnatal Clients SAFE during Pilates Sessions 

Stop the endless searches for information around teaching this special  population,
and start with these timeless, universal guidelines for keeping pre and postnatal clients SAFE during Pilates sessions. Free printable bookmark with audio lesson! 

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Anna Wojtera - FitHouse Rzeszów, Poland

With great support from Alison's side, I joined her program and I'm still a member at this moment. I see how she grows and expands her knowledge, and this is very motivating for me. 

Being a member of "Pilates Impact Academy" means support, motivation, and amazing knowledge. 

This is not just an exercise program for pregnancy and postpartum this is a whole body, mind, and spirit support program for mothers.


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