Women are losing hope!

About 50% of women have postpartum diastasis recti that doesn’t heal. And many have been told by their doctors that a $10,000 surgery is the only way to fix it. You are in a position to help!

Keep scrolling to see how you can start helping this special population NOW! 


An online workshop-style, prerecorded mini-course on how to help women healing from diastasis recti. 

Based on the expert recommendations for pregnancy-related diastasis rectus abdominus of over 20 professionals. 

Right now, there is a mom with diastasis recti, looking in the mirror, discouraged by what she sees.

If this isn't bad enough, she has a child witnessing this discouragement, whether through the lack of energy she is bringing to motherhood, or actually seeing mom frown at herself in the mirror, and look at her belly in disgust. 

As a Pilates teacher, YOU are in the PERFECT position to EMPOWER this mom, and change this negative perspective on her healing. 



The Core Connector's Academy 2.0

Our diastasis recti resolution signature course, The Core Connector’s Academy 2.0, is an in-depth option for teachers who want to add this clientele to their services on an on-going basis. 

In this comprehensive course covering mat and equipment, you will also learn how to market to this special population! 

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