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The Business Boosting Masterclass Series designed to help you begin to cover investment into the PPI Academy ($2,000 value)

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Inside the Quick-Start PDF Printable Guide, you will learn the fundamentals of teaching this special population to get you learning and teaching right away. 

 The Guide will be available in the 'Welcome' section of the PPI Fundamentals.



$$$ Money-Back Guarantee $$$

If after 12 months inside of the PPI Academy you have not gained the skills and confidence to teach this special population, I will give you your money back.

You will need have completed every lesson, and show that you have done the work, through the assignments that are given to you. You will need to have been present at all the coaching calls or watched the replays, AND had one conversation with Alison Marsh about why you feel you were not able to achieve your goals.


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What People Are Saying:

Being a member of "Pregnancy Pilates Impact Academy" means support, motivation, and amazing knowledge. ✧ I am learning a lot having support not only from Alison, but from the group as well; when I have a question there is always someone there with answers.✧

Anna - Poland

I have been teaching Pilates for 5 years and pre/postnatal Pilates for 4 years - however I never felt completely confident in my knowledge of pregnancy movement until completing your course. It's unbelievable the difference it has made to my confidence teaching this population but also made me realise that I will never stop learning. I have rediscovered my love of learning, so thank you.

Jasmine - Alpine Pilates

I just want to thank you for the course. It has been so much more than about pre & postnatal bodies for me- it sparked an interest in research and continuing education. I now have ideas on how to apply this knowledge to all types of clients.

Katie -UK

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Waiver of Liability:

You understand and agree that you are waiving any and all claims you may have, now or in the future, against Pregnancy Pilates Impact or Alison Marsh for active or passive negligence or any other claim in tort or for personal injuries, for the aforesaid entities.

You hereby agree to waive any and all claims or rights you might otherwise have against Pregnancy Pilates Impact or Alison Marsh including the right to sue Pregnancy Pilates Impact or Alison Marsh, its instructors, employees or agents, for any such injuries to yourself or your clients, and claims aforesaid.

✧ Money-Back, 12 Month Guarantee:

If after 12 months inside the course, you do not feel more confident as a pre and postnatal teacher, I will refund your investment. You must have gone through the entire course, show that you have done the work, including video submissions, have attended all coaching calls (or watched the replays), and had a conversation with Alison Marsh about why you felt like the course did not help you. 

 Thank you for your dedication to changing the lives of pre and postnatal women! ✧