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✧ APPROVED for 16 NCPT-CECs - Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher Credits ✧

Inside the Pregnancy Pilates Impact Academy ...

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Course 1: The PPI Academy - Fundamental Concepts

This extensive, in-depth course begins with 10 chapters of complete education including:

✧ Anatomy And Physiology From A Fascial Perspective,

✧ Bio-Psycho-Social Teaching Strategy

✧ Functional/Everyday Movement Training

✧ Common Problems And How Pilates Can Help. 

Click Here for the Complete 10 Chapter Academy Outline 

Course 2: The Pilates Exercises: Mat & Props

In this course you will find the Contemporary and Classical Mat lessons for pregnancy and postnatal, including

1. Diastasis Recti Healing Variations

2. Labor and Birth Prep

3. How to Create Variations from ANY Exercise

4. Magic Circle Exercises

5. Wall Work for Posture and Control

Click Here for the Full Outline of the Mat & Prop Exercises

Course 3: The Pilates Equipment Exercises

For teachers who are equipment trained, In this section you will find Contemporary and Classical exercises for  

1. Prenatal Flows from 4 - 15 minute increments for Reformer, Trapeze, Chair 

2. Postnatal Reformer, Trapeze, Chair organized by stages of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Healing.

3. Postnatal Spine Corrector

Click Here to See the Full Outline of Equipment Exercises 

Course 4: IMPACTER's Boost | Course Extras

In this course, you will find resources to enhance what you are learning in the PPI Academy. 

Resources include: 

  • Research Round-Ups
  • Expert Interviews
  • In-Depth Trainings
  • Guest Teacher Workshops
  • Business-Boosting Workshops


"I am very thankful for this course which will allow me to use my medical knowledge with Pilates. I have studied the pelvic floor many times, but have never understood it well, until now. Thank you. "

Salma | Kuwait
PPI Academy Alumni | Perinatal Pilates Specialist |Former Doctor | STOTT Pilates Trained

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