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Why Pilates is the BEST form of exercise for pregnancy:

During pregnancy, your client’s body goes through MIRACULOUS changes to accommodate the even MORE miraculous job of growing a human!

Here's what happens... 

A variety of hormones drastically change the way the body functions, affecting the way a woman feels.

With the growth of the fetus (the baby before it's born) come major shifts in the body:

  • Your client's center of gravity changes, causing balance issues, and necessary shifts in pelvic alignment.
  • The bowels and organs are pressed back and up into the chest cavity making it harder to take deep breaths. 

The Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT  way of teaching addresses the bio-psycho-social aspects of mom's experience:

  • Bio (Biological) offers pregnant and postpartum women the feel-good effects of exercise, core conditioning, and optimal breathing techniques 

  • Psycho (Psychological) offers a Pilates teacher who is empathetic to her experience, educated in perinatal mood disorders, and is aware of the language being used to teach.
  • Social (Socialization) offers the safety of movement in a judgement-free environment. 

Pregnancy should be an amazing time in a woman’s life!

The Pregnancy Pilates Impact way of teaching will give your perinatal clients the mind and body necessary to experience a healthy pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum recovery!


The Pregnancy Pilates Impact way of teaching will give YOU the skills you need to work with this population confidently and effectively!   

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