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Bio-Psycho-Social Way of Teaching
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Student and Graduate Experiences in The PPI Academy

✧ APPROVED for 16 NCPT-CECs - Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher Credits ✧

Dear Pilates Teacher,

The Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy is the

100% On-Line, In-Depth Training for Pilates Teachers who want to...

  • Develop MASTERY of teaching pre and postnatal Pilates, 

  • Increase confidence in your skills 

  • Make a meaningful contribution to society. 


➣ The PPI Academy is NOT a 'specialist-in-a weekend' certification. 

Here's Why:

➣➣This is how the typical weekend teacher training goes...

  • Cram a bunch of information into your body and brain over a 2-3 day period
  • Take a quiz at the end of the training that usually does NOT include actually teaching. 
  • If you pass the quiz, you get a certificate with your Name and title of Specialist
  • While it feels good to have the title, you walk away from the training with MAJOR imposter syndrome, because you know you're not prepared to actually teach the population you're supposed to be a specialist in. 

This is why, after multiple teacher trainings, you may feel unprepared and not confident

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the traditional weekend training when it is teaching a topic like the pelvic floor, or new Reformer exercises. 

‼️ But to go through a weekend training expecting to be a specialist at the end of those few days is silly.  

➣➣➣ Specialist status should be reserved for teachers who have ACTUALLY PRACTICED the skills they are learning, over AT LEAST 4 - 6 months consistently (and many teachers choose to study longer, or continue their study after becoming a specialist)

That's why the Pregnancy Pilates Impact Academy is designed to get you applying what you learn after the very first lesson,

so you get on-the-job training BEFORE you graduate! 

The ONLY way to teach this population with confidence, is to actually teach this population! 

So you will be prompted after most lessons to apply what you just learned through teaching it to someone else within 24 hours.

  • If you need pregnant and postnatal women to practice with, reach out to friends and family. 
  • If you don't have a pregnant or postpartum client to practice with, guess what?
    • You can practice perinatal teaching with ALL clients! (just don't tell the men you're teaching them a pregnant woman's exercise 🙃)
  • Then when you DO get a perinatal client, you will be ready. 


In this self-paced course,

supplemented with LIVE trainings and virtual meet-ups throughout the year,

you have the option of getting through the lessons on YOUR time. 

There is no such thing as "falling behind" because everyone has their own learning pace. 


Come to our group coaching calls every other month with your challenges,

  • Ask a question directly under each lesson, 
  • or reach out to the IMPACTER community of experienced Perinatal Pilates Specialists for individualized support throughout your studies.   

Keep scrolling to learn more about the Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy

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To Your Perinatal Teaching Success,

Alison Marsh - Founder of Pregnancy Pilates Impact 


Why Pilates is the BEST form of exercise for pregnancy & postpartum healing:

During pregnancy, a woman's body goes through MIRACULOUS changes to accommodate the even MORE miraculous job of growing a human!

The Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT  way of teaching addresses the bio-psycho-social aspects of mom's experience:

  • Bio (Biological) offers pregnant and postpartum women the feel-good effects of exercise, core conditioning, and optimal breathing techniques 
  • Psycho (Psychological) offers a Pilates teacher who is empathetic to her experience, educated in perinatal mood disorders, and is aware of the language being used to teach.
  • Social (Socialization) offers the safety of movement in a judgement-free environment. 

Meet Perinatal Pilates Professional Anna W.


The Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy provides comprehensive education on the following topics...

Pilates Exercise Variations 

  • Safely and effectively teach Mat, Reformer, Trapeze, and Chair exercise variations for pregnant and postnatal period including how to create variations for special circumstances such as:
    • Diastasis Recti,
    • Pelvic Organ Prolapse.
    • Invitro Fertilization - IVF
    • Low-Back and Pelvic Pain
    • 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Trimester
    • 4th Trimester (early postnatal) 


Everyday Movement Education

  • Incorporate functional, everyday movement education and exercises that apply to the individual client’s everyday life such as:
    • driving
    • laundry
    • kitchen duties

Client Education 

  • Educating clients on common concerns and experiences of the pre and postnatal journey, such as:
    • how to help prevent pelvic organ prolapse,
    • healing from diastasis recti,
    • dealing with body image and weight,
    • baby blues and postpartum depression, and moving through pain.

Full Session Design 

  • Incorporate the movement principles, goals and benefits of Pilates as they relate to pregnancy and postnatal, including environmental elements such as:
    • taking sessions outside in the sunshine, 
    • using inclusive, positive language.
    • Adding in meditation & visualization.


Pilates Teacher Personal and Professional Development 

  • Trusting your self as a teacher through self-reflection, and developing an intuitive frame of reference to keep pre and postnatal clients feeling safe, respected, and empowered. 
  • Working through 'imposter syndrome' understanding that you only have to be one chapter ahead to help someone. 
  • Addressing your discomforts and concerns around teaching this population.
  • Promoting your services, and sustaining a clientele, including options for on-line services.

Meet Flora - Perinatal Pilates Professional in Hungary

Pregnancy Pilates Impact Academy Graduate teaching Pilates in Budapest, Hungary.


Inside the Pregnancy Pilates Impact Academy ...

Delivered 100% Online - When you enroll in The PPI Academy, you get immediate access to the following courses ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Course 1: The PPI Academy - Fundamental Concepts

This extensive, in-depth course begins with 10 chapters of complete education including:

✧ Anatomy And Physiology From A Fascial Perspective,

✧ Bio-Psycho-Social Teaching Strategy

✧ Functional/Everyday Movement Training

✧ Common Problems And How Pilates Can Help. 

Click Here for the Complete 10 Chapter Academy Outline 

Course 2: The Pilates Exercises: Mat & Props

In this course you will find the Contemporary and Classical Mat lessons for pregnancy and postnatal, including

1. Diastasis Recti Healing Variations

2. Labor and Birth Prep

3. How to Create Variations from ANY Exercise

4. Magic Circle Exercises

5. Wall Work for Posture and Control

Click Here for the Full Outline of the Mat & Prop Exercises

Course 3: The Pilates Equipment Exercises

For teachers who are equipment trained, In this section you will find Contemporary and Classical exercises for  

1. Prenatal Flows from 4 - 15 minute increments for Reformer, Trapeze, Chair 

2. Postnatal Reformer, Trapeze, Chair organized by stages of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Healing.

3. Postnatal Spine Corrector

Click Here to See the Full Outline of Equipment Exercises 

Course 4: IMPACTER's Boost | Course Extras

In this course, you will find resources to enhance what you are learning in the PPI Academy. 

Resources include: 

  • Research Round-Ups
  • Expert Interviews
  • In-Depth Trainings
  • Guest Teacher Workshops
  • Business-Boosting Workshops


The Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy: Fundamentals At a Glance

Featuring the NEW Session Planning Guide

Create a truly transformational experience for your clients with the Ultimate Planning Guide for Perinatal Clients. Charge premium session fees, because your clients will be getting the most life-changing experience with your impactful sessions.

Here's what you'll learn inside each chapter of The Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy Fundamentals...

Quick-Start Guide

Get started right away with the foundational Quick-Start Guide and begin building your confidence right away! AUDIO + PDF Download 

Ch. 1 | Making YOUR Unique Impact

Be reassured that Pilates is safe for pre and postnatal women through a review of research. 

Explore your past experience with exercise and Pilates, and discover how to apply YOUR unique experience to your teaching and contribution. 

Chapter 2 | Anatomy of Pregnancy and Postnatal - Fascia Focused

Review basic core anatomy, detailed lessons on the pelvis and pelvic floor, an exploration of the pelvis, lessons on understanding fascia, including Fascia of a Woman

Chapter 3 | Physiology Of Pregnancy and Postnatal - Fascia Focused

Hormones, the nervous system explained, the vagus nerve and why it's important, and more!

Chapter 4 | Common Problems, and How Pilates can help

In this chapter, you will learn common concerns, ailments, and experiences of the pre and postnatal journey, how Pilates can help, and how to educate women on each experience.

Chapter 5 | Pre and Postnatal Pilates and Exercise Session Basics

In this chapter you will learn how to create variations, prenatal and postnatal session basics, ideas for exciting, impactful group classes, and specifics for each trimester.

Chapter 6 | Everyday, Functional Movement and Habit Changes for Life

Learn how to help empower women beyond Pilates exercise, so that they are uplifted emotionally and spiritually, everyday in every way! 

Chapter 7 | Special Considerations in Pre and Postnatal Health and Wellness

How to work with women going through IVF, miscarriage, hernias, endometriosis, breastfeeding, and Cesarean Birth.

Chapter 8 | Putting it all Together | Session Planning - Impactful Sessions for Pre and Postnatal Women

Learn how to do a bio-psycho-social assessment, and plan an ideal client session for each stage of pregnancy, and postnatal period. Includes the NEW Ultimate Planning Guide

Chapter 9 | Personal & Professional Development

Becoming the teacher you intend to be, and making the contribution you intend to make REQUIRES personal and professional growth. In this chapter you will find the tools you need to become an IMPACTFUL Perinatal Pilates Specialist. 

Chapter 10 | Expert Impact | Perinatal Wellness Interviews

Hear from experts in the field of perinatal health and wellness including Dr. Sarah Duvall, Dr. Sinead Dufour, Elizabeth Larkam, Carolyne Anthony, and Tom Waldron, to name a few. 

NEW | PDF Printable of The Fundamentals

PDF download of all 10 chapters in the Fundamentals course. Over 300 pages. The manual complements each lesson in the course with room to take notes. 

Want a more detailed outline?

Click the button below to see the official PPI Academy Fundamentals course outline.

Your Enrollment Options

Pick an option below so you can begin to bring QUALITY perinatal Pilates services to your community. ➣ If these options don't fit your current budget, email [email protected] and let me know! ➣ I am HAPPY to work out an investment plan that works for YOU!

Go-At-Your-Own-Pace | Perinatal Pilates Specialist | Equipment & Mat Training | Lifetime Access


Payment Plans Available

Your enrollment INCLUDES:

 ✅ THE Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy - 10 Chapter Perinatal Pilates Specialist Training| Worth 16 CEC's | LIFETIME Access

✅ Mat & Props Training Library - Classical and Contemporary | LIFETIME Access

✅ Equipment/Apparatus Training Library - Reformer, Trapeze, Chair | LIFETIME Access

✅ IMPACTER's Boost- Live Trainings & Supplemental Resources 

  • Research Round-Ups
  • Expert Interviews
  • In-Depth Trainings
  • Guest Teacher Workshops


⭐️   Business-Boosting Workshop Series (LIFETIME Access)

⭐️  Teaching Pre and Postnatal QUICK-START Guide (Printable PDF)

⭐️ Pre & Postnatal Mat Posters sent to your home!

⭐️ Access to The IMPACTER's Community

PLUS my gift to you: ☎️ 90 minute 1:1 call with Alison Marsh 

 ❇️ 1 investment | Lifetime Access


Payment Plans Available. Click the button below for payment options.

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Fast-Track 1:1 Mentorship | Equipment & Mat Training | Lifetime Access


Payment Plans Available

Your enrollment INCLUDES:

 ✅ THE Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy - 10 Chapter Perinatal Pilates Specialist Training| Worth 16 CEC's | LIFETIME Access

✅ EVERYTHING in the Lifetime Access List 



🟣 7 1.5 hour 1:1 Perinatal Pilates Specialist training calls with Alison 

🟣 2 Marketing focused calls 

🟣 1 60 minute planning call before the sessions start

🟣 1 60 minute follow up call a few months after graduating. 

Become a Perinatal Pilates Specialist within 3 months! 

Total 1:1 Calls: 11 

By the end of your 1:1 mentorship, you will graduate with the title of Perinatal Pilates Specialist! 🎓 (upon completion of graduation project)

Keep ALL of the training recordings. 

 ❇️ 1 investment | Lifetime Access + Fast-Track Mentorship

Only 2 Spots Available! 


Payment Plans Available

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  • Get an overview of the program.
  • Discuss your goals 
  • We'll develop a tuition plan for your budget.

Studio Packages Available! 

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Get instant access to this BRAND NEW Pelvic Floor Training

FREE with Enrollment

Perinatal clients are not getting the education they need from their OBGYN visits. 

YOU get to bridge that gap by teaching clients about their pelvic floor and core in a way that is easy to understand (for them AND you.)

After you enroll, you'll ALSO get instant access to our NEW Business-Boosting Workshop Series (Bonus #1)

Designed to help you start bringing in consistent income and allow your investment to pay for itself. And MOST importantly, start helping the women who need you now! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Purpose & Profit with Pilates Online

Learn how to monetize your perinatal Pilates education through teaching online!

In this workshop you will learn how to work through the fear of judgement online, and feel good about charging for your services.  

Plus how to get started as soon as possible!

Creating Profitable Perinatal Packages with Purpose

In marketing, times have changed! 

Selling single sessions, and packages of 5 or 10 doesn't give women a good reason to choose you over another teacher. 

Selling your services in today's market requires savvy strategy that goes BEYOND boring session packages.

So, You will learn how to create irresistible package bundles for perinatal women AND generate the CONSISTENT income you desire,

which will EASILY cover your investment in The Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy!


Selfless Social Media: Build Credibility & Rapport & Start TRULY Helping the Women Who Need You

In social media, times have changed as well! 

Constantly posting exercise videos is no longer an effective strategy, because there are SO many!!

Inside this course you will learn how to create the 3 types of content that get the attention of the women who need you BEYOND just posting the latest exercise. 


To further support your path to becoming a Perinatal Pilates Specialist, you also get...

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

BONUS # 2: Quick-Start Teaching Guide

In this PDF printable guide, you get a detailed overview of what you need to know NOW to teach this special population! 

Plus, references to the accompanying lessons in the course. 

BONUS #3: Teach Perinatal Tomorrow | 34 Mat Variations

A quick-reference video resource showing you the 34 classical mat variations. 

2 posters SENT TO YOU, of the 34 Mat Variations for pregnant and postpartum women.

This also includes the in-depth masterclass series. 


(Beta) A community JUST for perinatal Pilates teachers accessed on Facebook.

There you will find help and inspiration to move you forward in the PPI Academy. 

This includes LIVE meetings and trainings with Alison, and help from alumni.

 Whether you've been teaching for 10 days

or 10 years,

you have unique and valuable life experience unlike any other teacher!

Inside the PPI Academy, we will help you discover your unique skills, and how to use them in this vital mission of teaching pre and postnatal women!

Education is only as valuable as the teacher's ability to share.

And if your tendency is to shy away from putting yourself and your services out into the world, you're not fulfilling your purpose of helping others through the gift of Pilates. 

That is why The Pregnancy Pilates Impact Academy provides personal & professional development exercises so that you can create a lasting, positive IMPACT from the very first meeting you have with a client. 

 The 'impact' in Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT is an acronym for the Perinatal Pilates Specialists' 'ways of being' that you are encouraged to practice from the very first day you enroll in the PPI Academy. 

These are the IMPACTER's ways of being: 

  • Integrity

  • Motivation

  • Patience 

  • Awareness

  • Courage

  • Trust

  • Empathy

  • Resilience

By practicing these ways of being in everyday life and teaching, you develop certainty in your abilities which helps to cultivate unshakeable confidence in every situation. 

The PPI Focus on Client Education

"If you want to impress people, make it complicated. If you want to help people, make it simple." 

Research shows that client education is vital in the pursuit of health.

If a client understands 

  •  why they are doing an exercise, 

  • how their body functions, AND

  •  that their habits outside of the studio dramatically help or hinder their progress, 

 they are MUCH more likely to follow-through with their sessions, and work towards healthier habits in their everyday life.

 So, you will learn how to effectively educate clients on the common physical and emotional experiences and concerns of the pre and postnatal journey, such as how to help prevent and heal 

  • Pelvic organ prolapse,
  • Healing from diastasis recti,
  • Dealing with body image and weight,
  • Baby blues and postpartum depression,
  • Dealing with endometriosis
  • Hernia education
  • Moving through pain.



The following are screenshots from messages I have received from PPI Academy graduates. I don't ask for testimonials. These messages are purely out of these teachers' desire to share. 

Rachel is referring to a conversation she had with a client who was struggling with a negative body image. 

The following student and graduate comments are taken from course comments, emails, and feedback from students...

"Being a member of "Pregnancy Pilates Impact Academy" means support, motivation, and amazing knowledge. ✧ I am learning a lot having support not only from Alison, but from the group as well; when I have a question there is always someone there with answers.✧ "

Anna Wojtera - FitHouse Rzeszów, Poland
Perinatal Pilates Specialist working exclusively with women.

"I have been teaching Pilates for 5 years and pre/postnatal Pilates for 4 years - however I never felt completely confident in my knowledge of pregnancy movement until completing your course. ✧ It's unbelievable the difference it has made to my confidence teaching this population, but also made me realize that I will never stop learning. I have rediscovered my love of learning, so thank you. "

Jasmine Martineau | Alpine Pilates | England
PPI Alumni | Perinatal Pilates Specialist | Studio Owner, & Massage Therapist

"I highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in Pilates during and after pregnancy, in scientific/research based information, or for those desiring an accessible & self paced online course. I think most importantly, I became more comfortable teaching a client in her third trimester in a group class."

Caitlin McDonald | Mesa, AZ
PPI Alumni | Perinatal Pilates Specialist | Club Pilates Instructor

"I am very thankful for this course which will allow me to use my medical knowledge with Pilates. I have studied the pelvic floor many times, but have never understood it well, until now. Thank you. "

Salma | Kuwait
PPI Academy Alumni | Perinatal Pilates Specialist |Former Doctor | STOTT Pilates Trained

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All Pilates teachers (of all backgrounds)
    • There is classical work and  contemporary work. 
  • Pilates teachers who have gone through a Mat Comprehensive Teacher Training (classical or contemporary)
  • Pilates teachers who have gone through an Equipment Comprehensive Teacher Training.
    • Equipment curriculum includes Reformer, Trapeze, and Chair. 
  • Pilates teachers who have just received their certification, through Pilates teachers who have decades of experience.
  • Pilates teachers who are not open to learning more efficient ways of teaching.
  • Pilates teachers who want a quick training just to get the certificate.
  • Pilates teachers who want to learn extreme, high-impact exercises for pregnancy and postnatal.
  • Non-Pilates Teachers. 

To earn 16 CEC's for the National Pilates Certification Program, you will need to be active in the course for at least 4 months and complete the graduation requirements which include:

1. Your choice of an educational blogpost, or video showing what you have learned 

2. Completed the quiz at the end of the chapters. 

If you are a monthly member, your membership must be active at the time of graduation. 

  • Most other trainings are offered over a 1 or 2 day course, in person and online. 
  • But if you have taken one of those trainings, you know that they are not effective in making sure you are confident in what you are doing. 
  • That's because education is only effective when you can actually practice what you are learning as soon as you are done with the lesson. 
  • After each lesson in the PPI Academy, you are encouraged to practice what you learned within 24-48 hours. 
  • This model is proven by the numerous graduates of the PPI Academy who share the grounded confidence they now have because they have been able to practice while they learn, and the women who are benefiting from their services.
  • The estimated time to complete the program, including practice, is 4-6 months. 
  • If you dedicate 4-8 hours a week to study and practice, you will easily graduate within 4 - 6 months.
  • With that said, I encourage you to focus more on implementing what you learn, by actively working with pregnant and postpartum women, rather than focusing on the amount of time it will take you to finish the course.  
  • You are encouraged to begin working with this population after you complete the QUICK-START Quiz (within a few weeks of joining the program)
    • Then, you can apply what you are learning in the course (aka 'practice') with the women who are lucky enough to work with you.
  • I encourage you to approach all continuing education this way. 
  • You can have all the certifications you desire. Yet, they are only valuable when what you are learning is being shared through YOUR unique approach to teaching.  
  • 100% online, We use a platform called Kajabi, which houses the course content.
  • The course is delivered in the form of:
    • Videos
    • Keynote Presentations (Power Point)
    • Audios
    • PDF Guides
    • Images 
  • The course requires you to be ACTIVE in the learning process, so you will have an activity after each lesson
  • Women are having babies later in life; in their 40s. This population tends to pay closer attention to their health, increasing the chance that you WILL be teaching pregnant women at some point in your career. 
  • You don't want to be the teacher who turns away, or loses a client because they become pregnant, and don't know how to work with them. 
  • Also, pre and postnatal Pilates is FANTASTIC for
    • beginners to Pilates,
    • clients with back pain, and
    • clients who prefer or need a gentler workout. 
  • You never know when a pregnant or postnatal woman is going to walk through your studio door! 
  • The on-line academy structure allows you to go through the lessons on your own time, in the comfort of your own studio or home and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, apply the lessons immediately, so that you can:
  • Start helping women now
  • Refine your teaching skills
  • And boost your confidence in teaching
  • Saves you time and money on travel.

After completing the Pregnancy Pilates Impact Academy training, including practicing your teaching,

  • 1. Record a 20-30 minute video teaching a pre or postnatal client using the techniques taught in the PPI Academy. 
  • 2. Write a blog post/article for pregnant or postpartum women using what you learned in the PPI Academy 


  • You will need to complete the quiz after each specified chapter.

You must be active in the PPI Academy for AT LEAST 4 months before you are eligible for graduation. 

You get 365 days to go through the PPI Academy and apply the lessons. 

If after 365 days, you have not increased your confidence in teaching, I will give you a full refund. 

However, you will need to show that you have done the work, practiced with pre and postnatal clients, and have a conversation with Alison about why you feel you aren't more confident in teaching. 
(See details during check-out) 

The Origin of Pregnancy Pilates Impact

My 2 Whys. As you read this story, think about your OWN why.

The Spark: Why I committed my career to helping Pilates teachers with perinatal Pilates education. 

In 2011, I was asked by my mentor Dolly Kelepecz to create a curriculum for her comprehensive Pilates teacher training program DK Body Balancing.

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant at the time, so I was immersing myself in everything I could related to pregnancy, exercise, and Pilates.  

In 2012 I taught the first pre and postnatal Pilates teacher training, along with other contributors. 

In 2014, after teaching the training for 2 years, and still not pregnant myself, I said a prayer to God:

"God, if you want me to continue educating Pilates teachers, I want to be pregnant."

After adopting 2 children, and experiencing 8 YEARS of infertility, I was pregnant the next month.

In July, 2015, our beautiful baby boy, Zechariah was born, and God had answered loud and clear what I was meant to do in my Pilates career. 

The Fire: My motivation for continuing to help Pilates teachers through perinatal Pilates education.

The common theme among Pilates teachers tends to be lack of confidence in their skills, and sometimes life in general. 

Despite having gone through other pre and postnatal trainings, they still don't feel ready to take on the responsibilities of teaching this population.  

And if they are already teaching this population, they feel like an imposter. 

My mission is to help Pilates teachers like you build the confidence and competence necessary to become the expert in teaching pre and postnatal women, so that you can make an impactful contribution with your teaching. 

With perinatal depression and anxiety at an all time hight, and rampant misinformation on what to expect postpartum, there's a dire need for Perinatal Pilates Specialists who are educated in the bio-psycho-social aspects of teaching, and up to date with the research that will actually make a difference in their clients' lives. 

I invite you to become a Perinatal Pilates Specialist through the Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy, and join me and over 100 other Pilates teachers around the world on this mission of delivering quality Pilates sessions to pre and postnatal women. 

Your Instructor:

Alison B. Marsh NCPT, Perinatal Pilates Educator

Click Here for Alison's Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

-Founder and CEO of Pregnancy Pilates Impact   - Pregnancy Pilates IMPACT Academy| Perinatal Pilates Specialist Training - 2019 - Present

-National Pilates Certification Program CEC Provider 2017 - Present

-Franklin Method® Pelvic Fascia Trainer - 2024

-Guest teacher for Dr. Sarah Duvall's Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification (PCES) - Pilates Considerations - Mat & Equipment - 2021 - Present

Creator and Teacher of The 34 Perinatal Mat Variations workshop - 2021

Creator and Teacher of The Pilates Protocol for Diastasis Recti - 2021

-CEO of Your Pregnant Core Pilates 2015 - 2018

-Curriculum Writer for DK Body Pre and Postnatal Certification 2012 - 2015

-Author of The Pilates Instructor's Easy Reference Guide to Teaching Pre and Postnatal Women 2016 - 2018 (Currently being updated)

-Founder of the Diastasis Recti Discussion Group for Pilates Instructors  - Facebook - 2017 - 2022

-Curriculum writer and teacher of The Core Connector's Academy 

-Boutique studio owner | A.M. Pilates & Posture 2012 - 2019

- Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher 2018

-Adjunct Professor - University of Nevada Las Vegas -Pilates Minor Program 2017

-Pilates Mat & Equipment Comprehensive Training completed through DK Body Balancing Method in 2002

-Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education from the University of Nevada Las Vegas 2003

-Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Nevada Las Vegas 2005

-Retired Professional Dancer - Folies Bergere in Las Vegas, NV 2005

--Mother of 5 - 2 step, 2 adopted, 1 biological.

Click Here to Learn More about Alison's training, and Pregnancy Pilates Impact

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There are perinatal women out there RIGHT NOW who are looking for a Pilates teacher they can trust; to guide them through their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

And they haven't found one yet because they are waiting for YOU; for YOUR unique, compassionate way of teaching! Start educating yourself NOW so you are ready for them!


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